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Web Technology Insights

Being able to identify what technology stack a website is using can help tremendously when deciding on marketing strategy as well as business intelligence decisions. The need for insightful data to provide a clear course of action can help with those decisions.

Quickly discerning new market segments and opportunities can have a dramatic impact on strategy and growth decisions. Often times, with the right data, gaps in your competitor's marketing strategy can be quickly discovered and utilized to help further grow your business. We offer an expanding list of technology detection to help you find those gaps.

Website Details

Page title and meta description length, top keywords on the page, number of JavaScript files used, number of links as well as header response are just a few of the details you can find.


Find out what content management system a site is using. A few of the CMS platforms we detect are WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Shopify, and phpBB.


Has a client ever given you a list of websites they like and it's your job to figure out what theme it is? We help you quickly identify the theme that is used. For WordPress sites we're able to identify both child and parent themes. Theme provider details are also shown.


Plugins help to greatly enhance a website's capabilities. With the sheer volume of premium, and free, plugins available knowing what your competitors are using can help give your site an edge. You can find both plugin name and plugin provider details in our site reports.


The use of multiple web fonts has increased dramatically in recent years. Mostly due to an increase in user's connection speeds. Finding the right font for your site can help give it the edge it needs to stand out. We give you a list of all fonts in use on a site.

Server Tech

Useful insights can be gained from knowing a site's tech stack. Identifying web server technologies, content distribution networks(CDN), caching servers and frameworks can be invaluable.

Analytics & Ad Networks

Almost all website use some form of web analytics to help learn more about their users and their browsing behavior while on a site. Website monetization is also a key component for many sites. Our detection methods find web analytics and ad network ids that can then be used to locate other sites that use those same ids.

Social Networks

Connecting with your audience through social media marketing is an ever evolving field. Stay up to date with what social networks your competitors are using.

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